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Privacy Statement



Our activities often require the processing of personal data, for example when we acquire login details to content management systems or process personal data in our invoicing systems. Personal data refers to things that describe a person and can be used to identify him, even indirectly. Personal data includes, for example, name and email address. 

Protecting the information of our clients and using it confidentially is important to us, and we take information security and data protection issues seriously. We plan in advance exactly what data we collect, for what purpose it is collected, how the data is processed and stored. We collected and store personal data only when absolutely necessary.

Information is processed responsibly, carefully and in accordance with the law. In any given situation, personal data is processed only by those persons for whom it is necessary to handle the matter.

We monitor, develop and evaluate data protection with internal documents. We take the data protection regulation into account in all our activities.



In principle, personal data may not be disclosed. We do not hand over personal data such as email addresses for direct marketing. Client information is also not published, for example, on our website, or any activity report without the clients permission.

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