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Our translation prices are based on a base tariff, which can be lowered depending on the size of the project. Larger or continuous projects could, for example, be subject to lower tariffs (see also "Long-Term Partner"). 

Our translations are based on a no-cure no-pay basis. This means that payment will only be requested after completion of the project. Larger projects could be subject to a small up-front percentage, which will be discussed before start of any project.


All pricing is mentioned in EUR as "per word" in source content.

Pricing in $ available in according with current exchange rate

All prices are excluding VAT.

Base Language                           Target Language                           Base Tariff

English                                         Dutch                                              5 ct

Dutch                                           English                                            5 ct

English                                         German                                          6 ct

German                                        English                                           6 ct

Dutch                                           German                                          6.5 ct

German                                        Dutch                                             6.5 ct

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